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i love claquesous, musicals, romeo and juliet, and slam poetry.


Note to non-British fanfic authors: there’s no such thing as a £1 note, they were removed from circulation in 1988. The smallest note is £5, so when Sherlock “slipped a few notes over the counter” for a coffee he’s paid at least £10.

somebody talk to me/ask me questions please


new ask meme: go into my face tag and tell me what name u would give me if u had to choose a name for me based on what i look like


yknow who needs some support? aromantic people.we grow up in a society where we’re taught that being in love is the best thing in the world and falling in love and getting married and having kids is literally the only thing you should want in life. and for aromantic people, or anyone on the aromantic spectrum, that’s just really, really shitty.